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We link hand-picked and skill-verified IT professionals with awesome companies.

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Solve the challenges in these languages: C, C++, C#, Clojure, Dart, Elixir, Go, Java, JavaScript, Kotlin, PHP, Python, Python3, R, Ruby, Scala, Swift, TypeScript

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the tech talent war will keep raging in 2023!

looking for engaged and talented Full-stack-, Backend-, Front-end Engineers, Data Scientists, and more so your startup or scaleup can conquer the world? so does every other awesome small, medium, and large business!

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we help you source and pre-qualify candidates based on their hard skills and speed up your time to interview for over 80 tech roles!

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sourcing hiring and retaining tech talent

our coding challenges and other DevRel activities activate some 50,000 developers all across the EU and North America. our activities result in a 75% recurring content engagement rate, a 24% coding challenge completion rate, and an ultimate 4:1 hire ratio.*

the 42 community

the 42 tech community is at the epicenter of Rotterdam’s tech community

we are an integral & dominant part of this city’s vibrant startup & scaleup ecosystem. a place where the community shares their passion and vision while helping each other grow bigger and better.

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and engage with active and motivated software developers who are open & curious to hear about your startup’s or scaleup’s journey

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coders are not crazy about old-school hiring flows and methods including nicely polished CVs. software engineers are problem solvers and should be assessed based on that skill. we give you a chance to hire them based on their actual problem-solving skills in a certain technology framework.

verified skills

get clarity

hire candidates based on a problem-solving coding challenge’s detailed evaluation in addition to your “company culture fit” interview. do not guess whether a candidate can do the job or not after you hire them.

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