42 Coding Challenges

about us

42codingchallenges is an awesome partnership between DevOlympics & 42workspace

We are Rotterdam's Tech and Digital Coworking Community

Startups require a lot more than just an office, fast Wi-Fi, and unlimited amounts of coffee. They need a home. A place where the community shares their passion and vision while helping each other grow bigger and better. The story of 42codingchallenges started at 42workspace.

As a coworking space with a focus on tech, we understand how important it is to be able to scale up quickly when needed.


Based on decades of experience investing in tech startups like Notificare, Crobox, Otrium, and ABOSS

the founders of 42workspace noticed a lack of suitable offices and workspaces for early-stage tech firms in Rotterdam. This required an innovative and future-proof solution, which lead to the conceptualization of 42workspace in 2017.

Today, 42workspace is a hub for innovative tech startups, software, and data-driven companies, and experienced IT scale-ups, aiming to grow into a global success story.

With the partnership between DevOlympics & 42, we can match startups & scaleups with top engineering talent.

Our aim is to take the Rotterdam tech ecosystem to the next level!

are you hiring tech talent in and around Rotterdam?

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