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Devolympics assists innovative Rotterdam businesses and the whole tech ecosystem in growing their operations by giving them better access to tech talent talent.

Hire or retain talent with fully managed technical tech events for recruitment, branding or retention purposes.


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  • 4:1 hire ratio
  • unlimited candidates
  • detailed reporting


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  • all in startup package PLUS
  • dedicated mini-site
  • DevRel activities
  • EXTRA testing round


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  • all in scaleup package PLUS
  • retention package
  • real time talent alerts

frequently asked questions

how does it work

sourcing qualified tech talent

based on your exact needs we organize a coding challenge event that activates the specific technical audience you would like to hire from. the detailed results of this coding challenge then is used to bring you pre-screened  candidates.


what do you pay for?

you pay a FLAT FEE for a hiring and tech branding event that gives you pre-qualified tech candidates. every challenge is an online problem-solving coding competition.


hiring tech talent takes time and expertise

when you work with us you get qualified coders in any of the 89 Tech roles our services support testing. We offer flat-fee solutions that vary in their level of branding and the depth of skill-testing. all packages take at least 3 months to guarantee you hired developers.


we are fully GDPR compliant

since we are a trusted layer of the Rotterdam Tech Ecosystem we take a strict approach to data privacy.

how success
looks like

75%+ engagement rate

when we bring you a candidate they are not only curious and engaged with your brand mission, but also open to offers. as a result, candidates convert at a 4:1 ratio from pre-qualified candidates to hired developers.

interview to hire ratio

filling up your hiring pipeline & keeping it full

1 in 4 developers who complete one of our coding challenges can match with an engineering team that is looking just for her/him

headhunter package

verified hand-picked candidates VS leads

in the EU& US hiring a developer might take as long as 1 year and up to EUR/USD 15,000 relying on a headhunter. our method gives you the opportunity to rapidly engage, assess & hire active and pre-qualified developers in 3 easy steps

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gain access to rotterdam's tech talent pool